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BREAKDOWN was designed to “break down” corn stalk residue after harvest to help release nutrients back to the soil. BREAKDOWN is formulated UAN, ATS, 3 carbon sources and a powerful biological designed to increase microbial activity to enhance the breakdown and release of these nutrients. University of Nebraska research shows each ton of dry corn residue contains 17 lbs Nitrogen, 4 lbs Phosphorus, 34 lbs Potassium and 3 lbs Sulfur.


-Designed specifically to decompose crop residue, which can cause nutrient tie up or affect planting stand quality.

-Stimulates biological activity to improve soil health and release of all nutrients back to your crop

-Provides 3 different carbon sources to help stimulate biological activity and breakdown complex crop residues.

-Works to help nutrient utilization to your new growing crop to maximize nutrient availability and uptake.


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