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is an enhanced humane fertilizer designed to improve fertilizer efficiency and impact overall nutrient availability. It provides a healthier soil environment by helping to energize soil micro biome in and around the root zone of plants. STARLINER will provide a source of Potassium, Sulfur and Carbon which are necessary to maximize plant growth and development to help ensure maximum yield potential. When combined with other fertilizers for in-furrow, 2x2, side dress or foliage application, STARLINER improves the mineralization and solubility so the crop can more easily access nutrients through the roots.


-Potassium source is more plant available to drive root growth and enzyme action.

-Positively impacts beneficial soil microbes and overall soil structure.

-Enhances existing nutrient mineralization and solubility for increased nutrient uptake.

-Promotes buffering of saline soils or fertilizers with high salt content.

STARLINER (0-0-2-1S)

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